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Stanford Achievement Test Scores

Neighborhood Christian School students do a great job on each year’s Stanford Achievement Test (SAT) testing. As noted in the graphs, every class routinely scores higher than the national average. This is representative of the great effort put forward by all Neighborhood students, parents, and staff!

The SATs are administered each Spring at Neighborhood in 1st through 8th grades. This national, standardized testing gives parents and staff an understanding of how Neighborhood students are learning and performing as compared to students from around the United States.

Grade Equivalent (GE) = Indicates the grade placement of students for whom a given score is average or typical. This does not imply the grade at which a student should be placed. This is merely one look at the data from the SAT results.

Percentile Rank (PR) = Indicates the relative standing of a student in comparison with students in the same grade in the norm group who took the test at a comparable time. A score of 86 means Neighborhood students scored better than 86% of the students who took the test nationwide.

Past Performance: