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Neighborhood Christian Preschool

Let your child grow with us: emotionally and spritiually!

We are committed to providing a safe, caring and nurturing learning environment for your children preschool children.

At Neighborhood Christian Preschool we have established a program designed to promote growth and meet the needs of young children spiritually, socially, emotionally, mentally, and physically.

To enroll please call us today at 707-678-9336 or email us at info@neighborhoodchristian.org.

Our Philosophy

At Neighborhood Christian Preschool we encourage the healthy development of children in a Christ-centered atmosphere of understanding and love. We believe that the early years are critical in the development of a child’s perception of himself, others, and God.

Stimulating Curriculum for Early Development

We encourage your child’s growth through a balanced program of activities that will help each child get the start they need in life. Our curriculum is geared to each child’s interests and level of development, providing challenges through a wide variety of activities and preparing them for kindergarten.

Nurturing Acceptance & Respect for One Another

Through a happy secure environment, the children will learn while exploring and experimenting with materials, providing as many hands-on experiences as possible. They will learn to value people by treating others as they want to be treated, enjoying new friends, and learning how to maintain friendships through love, communication, and forgiveness.

Embracing Each Child’s Unique Gifts

We seek to know each child in such a way as to allow us to lead them to mature at the rate that God has designed for them. Staff will seek to provide feedback and opportunities for success that will enable each child to blossom in areas of giftedness and be strengthened in areas of weakness.

Fostering a Nurturing and Loving Atmosphere

As a Christian school, it is our goal that each child comes to know God’s love for him or her. We seek to have each child experience the love of God through the care of the  teachers, the joy of singing to Jesus, and the excitement of learning His Word, The Bible.

A Quality Christian Preschool Right in Your Neighborhood!

Christian Preschool

955 East A St
Dixon, CA 95620
(707) 678-9336

Located at Dixon Community Church